How is business!

I always find it funny when family and friends ask how you are doing and whether you're struggling or not with your business. Its funny because most of the time you're either too proud to give the real answer and even if your business is doing great, where does the conversation lead into; there a good chance I would probably jokingly throw in "why... do you have a referral or do you want to buy something or how can I help you (my favourite) because essentially I just enjoy being the source of information and being able to impact society and help others at the same time. In the long run I hope to own my own developments projects and build many impactful businesses that will change the skylines of this awesome city.

I don’t know why so many people are hiding behind this idea of not looking desperate. Look, I’m trying to grow my business—I’m desperate. Every time I call someone, I leave a message. Every time I make a visit down the street, I leave a business card there with someone—even if I’ve been there 3 times that day. I want their business. You are either growing or you're dying period. A better question is whether the person is HAPPY! doing what you're passionate about doing is the freedom to dictate your own day and paint your own canvas. I really enjoy filling my daily schedules with client meetings and attending awesome events and being apart of people's milestones in their lives! I feel like I am taking the necessary steps to build towards my own dream!

You're either building your own dream or someone else will hire you to help build theirs!