Jameson House

Lets learn about my city! I am trying to post the new developments in Vancouver - specially so many new buildings being built these last few years its hard to keep track! So new years I am gonna post one each day. I am going to start with a building that you may not notice unless you take a look up above you as you walk down west Hastings - (Jameson House) 838 W Hastings St, Vancouver, BC V6C 1C8 - There is one available unit listed at the moment around 4mil! World class builders foster and partners who have have years of experience and projects on the go and under their belt.

The project involves the restoration of the A-listed Ceperley Rounsfell Building of 1921- returning the entire internal double-height volume to its original configuration - and the retention of the facade of the B-listed Royal Financial Building, which dates from1929. The new tower comprises eight storeys of offices above shops and twenty-six storeys of apartments. The tower's form articulates the different functions that the scheme brings together. The first two storeys continue the row of shop units at street level, while the uppermost office floor aligns with the cornice line of the adjacent building. In contrast to the smooth facade of the offices, the apartment floors curve outwards in four wide bays, which are stepped vertically to provide shade and uninterrupted mountain views. The plan supports a variety of apartment types and spatial arrangements, with the living spaces focused on the deep curve of the window bays. All the apartment interiors have been designed by the practice, with variations of Foster kitchen and bathroom fittings. At the top of the tower, penthouse apartments are arranged over two storeys and feature landscaped roof terraces.


What are your thoughts on this building? Have you noticed this building as you walked through downtown west Hastings?